Meet the Flock

The Rams.


Donato, born in March 2016 lamb of Bernie and Bertha. Donato impressed the Swiss judges at the Blacknose Beauties show in Carlisle, earning a 5th rosette in a large class.


Born in February 2017 out of Beryl and King Kong


The Ewes.


Bertha is mother of Bonnie, Clarabel and Crocus.  She was imported from Switzerland in October 2014.


Mother of Dandelion, Beryl was imported from Switzerland in October 2014.


Mother of Bernie, Betty was one of the first Valais Blacknose Sheep in the UK arriving from Switzerland in March 2014, she won the Ewe 3 yrs and over class at the 2017 Blacknose Beauties Show.


Bramble, mother of Dino II was imported from Switzerland in October 2014.

Bonnie, daughter of Bertha, she was also imported in October 2014.

Edelweiss, one of the first lambs born in 2017  is out of Beryl and King Kong.

Ethel who is out of Betty and Halder who is part of the Crookedstane flock.

Our newest lambs, born at the end of 2017, early 2018 are out of Dino II who is now at Crookedstane.  We have Esther, Emily, Eve, Emmanuel, Eno, Furi and Foxglove.

We also purchased Highland Emily and Highland Fearn in spring 2018.

We also have a pet lamb Eddie who was very very small when born and so needed a little help.  He is now a fully grown wether but still comes running if he hears me passing.  Eddie will always have a place here even though he can't be used for breeding.

Our lambs have gone to new homes all over the UK, many to Northern Ireland, Cumbria, Derbyshire, Cheshire and also Scotland.

All our original sheep that came to us have names starting with the letter B, for Blacknose, lambs names in 2015 with C, 2016, 2018 we are on F.